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  • Full automation

    From continuous integration and delivery to cloud solutions powered by machine learning algorithms, we provide automated solutions wherever it's possible.

  • Agile developers

    Our team of experienced developers follows an established agile development process to ensure successful delivery and seamless integration of new features.

  • Improved security
    Private data secured

    You can rely on ABCloudz experts in meeting the latest security standards as we have a proven track record of complying with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

  • spacecraft
    Constant innovation

    Improve your business agility and increase innovation pace to stay abreast of the competition with prolific technology solutions from ABCloudz.

  • 10+ years of experience

    The ABCloudz team has already delivered several revolutionary social networking products. We are proud of developing the world’s first sound messenger to break the messaging silence and a cozy social network app for mothers of young children. However, we are always ready to shift up a gear and skyrocket your application with a technology breakthrough.

  • 300 customers who trust us

    Over the years, ABCloudz worked with different customers, from rapidly growing startups to Fortune 100 companies. We know that successful delivery matters the most for all customers regardless of their size — and we have a proven path to reach this goal.

  • Endless
    technologies empowered

    Our team of professionals has comprehensive experience with modern technologies. Our certified engineers can deliver powerful yet cost-effective digital solutions that meet your business needs. We can decrease the time to market by integrating proven solutions from our R&D lab into your applications.

Experts in social networking app development

People are constantly looking for apps that help them make the best of their smartphones. Social media networks allow for interacting not only with other customers but also with our favorite brands and services. Moreover, businesses can use social networks to connect with their customers directly

Our mission is to create interactive social media applications that help people communicate with each other as well as help business owners reach their audience.

Are you looking for a trusted partner to guide you from an idea to a fully-fledged application? With proven expertise developing and maintaining over 500 mobile and web applications, ABCloudz is your go-to-partner for any application development needs.

    Key services

    Social networks
    Social networks
    Have you ever dreamed about creating a social network for a narrow group of people?

    ABCloudz can deliver a small yet scalable app that allows for connecting people. Unlike large social networks, this cozy application may unite a targeted group of users. Unrivaled opportunities make small apps viable, while neat and unique features allow for tying users based on interests and location.

    Our team also has experience incorporating all the necessary functionality for a successful social network and implementing custom matching and search algorithms. Our developers ensure users’ matching based on parameters that you choose to reach a high engagement level in your social network.

    Finally, we provide customers with support at all development stages, ensuring that the app meets App Store and Google Play requirements.

    Chat-based solutions
    Chat-based solutions
    How to choose the best chat server for a mobile application?

    Our developers have vast experience in building online messengers and embedding chat solutions into various applications. We know all about the most popular chat servers, including the shortcomings and pitfalls of every technology available on the market.

    Depending on the application size, idea, and features, we can help you pick a technology that facilitates your goal the best.

    The prospects of applications with an embedded chat module are limitless. As more and more people prefer using messengers rather than phone calls, you can benefit from creating a convenient platform for them to communicate.

    Video chat apps
    Video chat apps
    How can I challenge the likes of Skype or Zoom?

    We can go even further and expand your app by adding a video chat module into it. Our developers may even build a whole new app from scratch, seamlessly integrating our easily customizable video chat module.

    Using this proven technology, the ABCloudz team can create an app with video chat rooms, secure authentication, multiple recording options, and a convenient application interface.

    Chatbot solutions

    Chatbots are a great way to provide automated conversations with customers or perform actions as part of a chat workflow, enhancing customer experiences without requiring human interaction. Our developers are ready to help you expand your service offerings with intelligent cloud-based chatbot technologies including the Azure Bot Service, Amazon Lex, and Google Cloud Dialogflow.

    Utilizing chatbots is always a win-win decision. For customers, chatbots mean faster replies, better customer service, and a personal touch in communication. For application owners, chatbots aid in lowering support costs, increasing conversion rates, boosting customer loyalty, accelerating sales cycles, and generating more leads.

    Our team’s experience covers Google Dialogflow and Amazon Lex for natural language understanding. We can expand the chatbot capabilities by using a neural network, which determines the tone of the input. This approach allows for addressing negative feedbacks or important messages first and foremost.

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