Key benefits

  • Meet regulations
    Meet regulations

    We established an optimal team composition for healthcare projects to comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and COPPA regulations and pass the FDA approval.

  • Keep data secure

    Keeping the focus on healthcare data privacy, our team covers all aspects of physical and data protection by following best practices in healthcare security.

  • Proven processes
    Proven processes

    The ABCloudz team follows well-defined application development processes, which always lead to successful delivery and help meet compliance requirements.

  • Experienced teams
    Experienced teams

    Our developers, architects, and engineers have considerable experience with delivering successful healthcare applications and raising customer’s business.

  • 10+ years of experience

    From application design and development to ongoing support and professional BI, analytics, and DevOps services, ABCloudz truly is a one-stop-shop in the IT world.

  • 100 customers who trust us

    ABCloudz has been engaged with different customers, from startups to the enterprise accounts. Our team of over 450 certified professionals has the expertise to improve your applications, cloud solutions, and many other digital parts of your business.

  • Endless
    technologies empowered

    Developing applications for over a decade, the ABCloudz team is keen on building the customer’s strategy of success. Not only do we bring countless ideas to reality but we care about every product we design, develop, and deliver.

    Our team has comprehensive experience with modern technologies, and we can integrate several proven solutions into your applications. This approach decreases the time to release your app to the market. You can rely on our developers to pick the right stack of technologies to deliver a powerful yet cost-effective digital solution that meets your business needs.

Experts in application development

Are you looking for a team that can accomplish the development of your healthcare application? ABCloudz is here to help!

The ABCloudz team provides customers with a full application development cycle, from business analysis to quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance. Additionally, we know it all about meeting the certification requirements and preparing the required documentation for the healthcare industry.

With expertise managing customer’s data and applications for decades, you can rest assured that ABCloudz manages your data and applications with care, accuracy, and according to the healthcare IT security policy.

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    How ABCloudz can help

    Meeting certification requirements
    Meeting certification requirements
    Do you know the right way to achieve the main certifications required for healthcare projects, which are HIPAA, GDPR, FDA, and COPPA?

    All these standards imply for any healthcare providers, medical research centers, or businesses, transmitting health information in digital format. We know exactly the procedure to adhere to on the way to compliance. Particularly, we have experience with meeting HIPAA medical record storage requirements, guidelines, and regulations. So, we will be able to guide you through the process and ensure proper technical implementation of your solutions.

    Creating a secure cloud data platform
    Creating a secure cloud data platform
    Have you ever considered how to secure private healthcare data in the cloud?

    The latest industry trends imply cloud adoption. The core benefit of cloud services is that you can develop truly flexible modular applications with effective architecture. ABCloudz has the experience with creating a state-of-the-art cloud architecture, which exceeds industry security standards. Also, our team possesses a perfect understanding of healthcare security requirements for mobile applications.

    Hiring a dedicated team of experts
    Have you ever built your own development team? Do you know what it takes to find the right person for the job?

    At ABCloudz, we built a smart team and created a unique environment, which helps develop amazing healthcare applications. We can share our experience, expertise, and resources with you on a dedicated basis! Take advantage of ABCloudz’s development team, if you’re looking for an agile product team ready to address your needs.

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    Take advantage of ABCloudz’s vast experience with developing applications for the healthcare industry and our deep technical expertise with the latest technologies.

    Trust our team to design a seamless solution that meets all your needs and meet all the compliance regulations. Let us demonstrate how you can benefit from our proven agile approach. Drop us a line today!

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