Key benefits

  • UI and UX design

    The success of mobile applications largely depends on a convenient user experience. The ABCloudz team can create world-class UI and UX design for your app.

  • Agile developers

    At ABCloudz, we have a team of experienced developers working in a perfect agile environment. This approach ensures seamless delivery of new app features.

  • spacecraft
    Innovative solutions

    The ABCloudz team has already delivered several ground-breaking products. However, we are always ready to skyrocket your apps with a technology breakthrough.

  • Connected devices

    Trust our team to integrate wearable, IoT, NFC, Bluetooth, and other smart devices into your digital ecosystem to innovate faster and exceed customer expectations.

  • 10+ years of experience

    From application design and development to ongoing support and professional BI, analytics, and DevOps services, ABCloudz truly is your one-stop-shop.

  • 300 customers who trust us

    Over the years, ABCloudz has been engaged with different customers, from startups to enterprise accounts. We know that the app development process is the same for all customers regardless of their size. Successful delivery matters the most — and in this regard, you can rely on our trusted team.

  • Endless
    technologies empowered

    Our team has comprehensive experience with modern technologies, and we can integrate several proven solutions into your applications. This approach decreases the time to release your app to the market. You can rely on our developers to pick the right stack of technologies to deliver a powerful yet cost-effective digital solution that meets your business needs.

Experts in mobile application development

Are you looking for a reliable partner to transform your app idea into reality? Do you need an agile innovation team that can accomplish any of the application development challenges? ABCloudz is here to help!

Our mission is to bring your mobile application dreams into the real world without breaking your bank. With proven expertise developing over 500 mobile and web applications, we have established a flawless development process that always leads to successful delivery. What is even more important — our team follows this process and uses cutting-edge technologies to keep you ahead of the competition.

Our team can accomplish the most complex and challenging application development projects. Let our team demonstrate our prolific skills, sheer talent, and absolute dedication to your project!

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    Key services

    iOS app development services
    iOS app development services
    Hey Siri, who can I trust to deliver a robust iOS application?

    iOS apps are famous for their performance, unparalleled UI, smooth UX, and outstanding security features. Our team has developed the Little Sky Writers app featured in the official iPad Air promo video back in 2013. Since then, ABCloudz has built many other beautiful and innovative iOS applications.

    We utilize Swift, Objective-C/C++, C#, and JavaScript to create native iOS apps. The ABCloudz team also has proven experience in streamlining these apps with various third-party services such as social networking, video streaming, mapping services, and more.

    You can trust our team to design a scalable cloud architecture for your future application, leveraging the industry best practices, latest trends, and state-of-the-art technologies. We can then make your app available across all Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iWatch, and Apple TV.

    Android app development services
    Android app development services
    Are you looking to expand your application portfolio and reach out to millions of Android users?

    Android allows for a wide variety of application variations due to its open-source nature, and Google provides developers with an ecosystem for creating world-class mobile applications. The ABCloudz team knows how to take advantage of a bundle of Google Cloud Services, such as Maps APIs, Geolocation API, Firestore, Firebase, etc. Our team also has hands-on experience using standard tools, such as Java, Kotlin, and Android SDK to develop native Android apps. Additionally, in our everyday work, we utilize some proven custom tools and techniques.

    You can rely on our team in building an app prototype, quality assurance, deployment, and application upgrade services. Over the years, ABCloudz has completed hundreds of Android development projects, and we’ve seen it all with our customers.

    Cross-platform app development services
    Cross-platform app development services
    Do you want to get the best value out of your application idea as quickly as possible?

    Consider starting your development project with a minimum viable product. This approach allows for assessing your business idea in real life and implies obtaining and incorporating users’ feedback on the fly.

    Leveraging cross-platform development tools like Flutter or Unity also allows for saving extra bucks. These solutions are well suited for enterprise environments in multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, and entertainment. Native apps usually provide higher performance, but you may want to sacrifice it and build unified code with cross-platform frameworks. If you opt for leveraging Flutter, you may also deploy a desktop application in a couple of clicks.

    In-house R&D lab

    What distinguishes ABCloudz from other development companies is our in-house R&D laboratory. We are committed to raising the skills of our team. That is why we created this R&D lab, which proves to be the perfect place for testing cutting-edge technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and smart devices.

    In addition to our comprehensive experience with modern technological solutions, we are happy to offer our customers many proven solutions discovered by our developers. We can implement these solutions into your applications or tailor them to meet your needs. This approach makes our application development estimates more attractive and reduces the time required to bring your app to the market.

    The ABCloudz team was proud to develop the following innovative applications:

    • A 3D modeling app that demonstrates a lifelike model of an implant placed inside a human body
    • An app for displaying results of plastic surgery before going under the surgeon’s scalpel
    • A personal city guide for travelers that shows city sights in an augmented reality mode

    We’re hungry for more, and we’re looking for the most complicated projects to accomplish!

    In-house R-n-D lab

    Seeing is believing

    At ABCloudz, not only have we built a smart team of talented and highly skilled people, but we also nurture a unique and inspiring work environment. Our team has established development practices, flawless agile processes, and undoubted expertise. All these components secure our impressive delivery track record.


    Our team is obsessed with continuous education, constant innovation, and lifelong learning. Our development portfolio highlights the mastery of our craft and includes projects we delivered recently. Watch the video to learn more about our application development experience.

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    Take advantage of our team’s vast experience with developing mobile applications and our deep expertise with the latest technologies.

    Trust the ABCloudz team to bring your bright ideas to life. Let us demonstrate how you can benefit from our proven agile approach.

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