Key benefits

  • Cost optimization
    Automated systems

    Utilizing innovative IoT technologies, we can build an automated system for your organization, mastering wireless sensors, embedded systems, and smart devices.

  • Agile developers

    At ABCloudz, we have a team of experienced developers working in a perfect agile environment. This approach ensures seamless delivery of new IoT app features.

  • spacecraft
    Innovative solutions

    The ABCloudz team has already delivered several ground-breaking products. However, we are always ready to skyrocket your idea with a technology breakthrough.

  • Connected devices

    Our professionals provide you with the most convenient solution controlled remotely with wired and wireless networks and protocols, such as WiFi, NFC, 5G networks.

  • 10+ years of experience

    We’ll provide you with different kinds of technical development from watch applications to firmware for complex medical devices. We are a one-stop-shop since our professional team is able to make smart devices of any type you need.

  • 300 customers who trust us

    Over the years, ABCloudz has been engaged with different customers, from startups to enterprise accounts. We can craft a secure and reliable IoT solution for any customer from smart home to smart city. Successful delivery matters the most — and in this regard, you can rely on our trusted team.

  • Endless
    technologies empowered

    Our team has comprehensive experience with modern IoT devices and technologies, and we can integrate several proven solutions into the products you need. This approach decreases the time to release your product to the market. However, our developers can master new technologies to deliver a powerful yet cost-effective digital solution that meets your business needs.

Experts in the Internet of Things technologies

IoT is revolutionizing different aspects of life by making homes and offices smarter while also providing insight into resource consumption habits, and streamlining business processes. The majority of our everyday routine tasks can be simplified and automated with an Internet of Things infrastructure.

ABCloudz can make your device compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit ecosystem, considering their specific features.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you out with these technologies? We will get back to you within one business day to arrange a meeting to discuss your challenges.

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    Key services

    Wearable devices
    Wearable devices

    Wearable tech can improve any sphere of a customer’s everyday life. We do our best to deliver an unprecedented experience for every customer and every user of the app.

    ABCloudz developers can deliver an application for any type of wearable, from an Apple Watch and Android Wear to specific healthcare devices that need to meet HIPAA standards.

    We also provide the full application and product development life cycle and can deliver an application for your existing wearable device, or even build the firmware for the smart gadget of your dreams.


    ABCloudz assists in developing different products for our customers using IoT technology. Some devices require a kind of complete operating system, performing all control, monitoring and providing data manipulation functions. Our specialists can provide your gadgets with proper firmware for the addition of all the needed functions.

    We have hands-on experience in developing and modernizing firmware for systems on a chip (SoC). In particular, we worked with Nordic BLE 5.2 platform, as well as TI, STM, and Nordic Semi microcontrollers.

    Our team has vast experience with different microcontrollers, and we know the pros and cons of each technology solution. What is even more important, we know both the documented and undocumented features, as well as the shortcomings and possible workarounds for a given SoC platform. You can take advantage of our unprecedented expertise to find the best solution that meets your needs and business goals. So, just describe your wishes to us and we’ll choose the most suitable IoT technology for your startup!

    Connected (BLE)
    Connected devices (BLE)

    Wireless technologies are everywhere, and our experience with the likes of Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and NFC covers it all. We know everything about the Bluetooth LE specifics as we have an R&D lab, where everyone can study with BLE devices. Small in size but huge in action, they can deliver a unique connected experience for your applications. Whether you want to develop applications for exhibitions, movie theaters, rental cars and sharing electric scooters, or smart devices, we have you covered at ABCloudz. So, take advantage of our expertise!

    Let us amaze you as we unleash the endless power of the wireless Bluetooth Low Energy solutions to improve your business!

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