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  • Healthcare innovation

    The ABCloudz team is creating secure IoT device identities from firmware to user-friendly architecture logic. Our team actively practices the Internet of Things technology and has hands-on experiences and successful project releases for the healthcare market.

  • HIPAA compliance

    The Internet of Things is growing exponentially, but security for IoT projects and deployments remains an obstacle for many organizations. For example, one fundamental component of IoT for healthcare is ensuring device and data safety.

  • Data management

    Complete control over data is vital for the modern healthcare domain. The ABCloudz team has an outstanding expertise in data management and transformation. We're ready to bring your data management abilities and database efficiency to a new level.

  • Connected devices

    Phone, smartwatches, or smart devices are no longer a great novelty in healthcare. The list of devices and objects used by the healthcare market with our help grows, which drives cost reduction and increases operational efficiency.

  • 10+ Years of experience

    We’ll provide you with different kinds of technical development from watch applications to firmware for complex medical devices. We are a one-stop-shop since our professional team is able to make smart devices of any type you need.

  • 100 Customers who trust us

    The ABCloudz team has comprehensive expertise in IoT for healthcare. Our team has empowered hundreds of clients with our technological solutions to their business needs. Rely on our experience in creating or adjusting your BLE device.

  • Endless
    Technologies empowered

    ABCloudz provides a highly skilled team experienced in working with an extensive list of technologies. We embrace the diversity of tools and custom solutions to deliver the most client-specific IoT technologies to our clients. Our database modernization specialists are second to none because they constantly master new technologies to ensure that no challenge is left unaccepted.

More ideas for your apps

ABCloudz always keeps up with the most relevant industry trends. Moreover, we thoroughly research the market to develop the most reliable and efficient solutions for your business needs. Hence, we’re always ready to support you with relevant industry insights and innovation-centered ideas.

We can implement your most ambitious concepts and solve your most painful challenges with a comprehensive tech stack, which includes technologies for data analytics, machine learning tools, embedded device networks, and many more. In addition, we grant you advanced functionality, top-notch security, and excellent scalability of the provided solutions.

Are you ready to embrace the potential of IoT technologies? Contact us now and start working on your groundbreaking healthcare applications with reputable technology experts!

    IoT based App Solutions

    Wearable apps for Monitoring of patient’s health

    Remote monitoring is an important application of the Internet of things. Wearable App Monitoring solutions in the healthcare industry can help doctors to monitor the health of any patient even if he’s not present at the hospital. Healthcare apps will track any changes in the patient’s health. These IoT solutions can apply complex algorithms and analyze patient data. As a result, patients receive proper attention and medical care. The collected patient information will be stored in the cloud. Remote monitoring improves the efficiency of care, which decreases the length of the patients’ stay in the hospital. Whenever the daily activities of a person change, alerts are directly sent to the concerned person and family. And these remote monitoring technologies are available as wearables that can be transported anywhere.

    The ABCloudz team has rich experience in developing patient health monitoring applications such as blood pressure, heart rate, and brain activity tracking tools. We are ready to develop new ways to make people feel more comfortable in their daily activities and will be happy to contribute to your health monitoring project.

    Firmware for IoT applications

    We deliver state-of-the-art IoT systems, including firmware. The thing about the Internet of Things is that it relies on very specific machinery, namely SDK chips. And each chip manufacturer requires a particular firmware to communicate with the machinery and separate SDK libraries. So if you have a specific need for a peculiar SDK library or firmware updates or upgrades (OTA), the ABCloudz team is the right partner. We have solid expertise in connecting firmware and hardware regardless of the chip or the library used. The ABCloudz team has experience working with notable healthcare companies that run sophisticated IoT systems. Check out our projects here.

    Blockchain-based IoT solutions

    Blockchain technology can be used for various IoT healthcare applications. It can ensure protected transactions, safe data storage, and transparent data flow. Ethereum can be used for secure transactions and data storage. It is a decentralized platform where applications run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud through proper authentication and data access control.

    ABCloudz developers help you secure millions of medical records including safe data storage, protected transactions, secured data exchanges between healthcare administrations, undisputable data records, and transparent data flow, using IoT devices and Blockchain technology.

    Drug Management IoT applications

    IoT could play a vital role in drug management. Smart pillboxes or smart bottles can help the medic dictate the proper dosage. The collected data may be used for patient monitoring to ensure that drugs are administered as intended.

    The ABCoudZ team has significant experience in working with various smart devices to control medication, enhance treatment, and improve patient care, which represents a significant step toward improved disease treatment.

    Smart ecosystems

    At ABCloudz, we’re always focused on keeping up with the most notable industry trends. IoT has been revolutionizing the technology landscape, leading to explosive growth in wearable consumer healthcare products. Personal healthcare is now made a reality with IoT technologies that offer solutions in several dimensions, namely remote healthcare, smartwatches, smart bands, BLE devices, and various examples of telemedicine like smart pills and personal care apps.

    We have developed a comprehensive approach to IoT healthcare integration. The team addresses different applications of IoT in healthcare, various architecture models, IoT healthcare challenges, security practices, and the future of IoT in the domain.

    The ABCloudz team is ready to develop software that ensures efficient remote monitoring of patients. Various IoT devices with sensors tracking the patient’s state create sophisticated ecosystems that provide the most comprehensive patient care. We focus on all such factors to ensure that your smart ecosystem supports rapid data exchange, comprehensive patient tracking functionality, top-notch data security, and troubleshooting mechanisms.

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