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    Data experts

    Our data team is legendary. We handle data flawlessly keeping pace with the changing technologies. ABCloudz rightfully carries its banner of data experts.

  • Agile developers

    Our experienced developers established an agile development process, which ensures successful delivery and seamless integration of new features.

  • Automated systems

    Automated machine learning incorporates ML best practices from our top-ranked data scientists to make it more accessible for the clients' using and benefit.

  • Cost optimization
    Constant innovation

    Improve your business agility and increase innovation pace to stay abreast of the competition by leveraging proven technology solutions from ABCloudz.

  • 10+ years of experience

    Our company started its existence with data management and since we are the leading experts in this field. Notably, our professional team developed a few projects related to data science and launched them on a commercial scale.

  • 300 customers who trust us

    As a leading company in the field of information technologies, we are constantly modernizing ourselves that allows us to find the most effective and profitable solutions for our customers, which makes them come back for our service.

  • Endless
    technologies empowered

    Over the years, ABCloudz helps hundreds of customers from all over the world by creating highly successful applications. We can prove our professionalism, no sweat. Just give us a chance! Contact us to improve your business with the highest technologies we leverage.

Experts in leveraging artificial intelligence

The ABCloudz team chooses to keep pace with the industry that is sharply striving upfront. So, we duly and happily catch all the newest trends to make the work easier and faster for us and people who trust our growing powers.

Data science is a relatively new thing developing fast enough you might not keep up with. But it’s not about us! We are constantly updating our knowledge, providing studies for the clients’ benefit.

We can boost your enterprise by managing your data most efficiently regardless of the industry your business relates to. Our professionals are ready to prove their might of leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to your doings.

We have already integrated ML models into healthcare projects, as well as the other kind of life-saving application, delivered data analysis to different industries, and improved the fraud detection for the online payday loan products business.

Let us not be scared of the progress and its upsides rather go follow the technological stream to be ahead of any! Contact us to keep up with all the modern trends within the industry.

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    Key services

    Reaching new heights in the safety industry
    Reaching new heights in the safety industry

    The analysis provided by our data scientists can help build a better predictive model of which we can foresee which types of injuries, where, on which equipment, using which tools a worker can be damaged. It’s essential to make every effort in order to create the safest working environment for the people engaged in a venture implying dangerous situations during the working process.

    Also, there is a possibility to detect dangerous violations in the workspace to prevent injury just at the moment. For example, a worker doesn’t wear a helmet, thereby causes a dangerous situation. By using real-time video analysis and machine learning, we can provide monitoring of employee safety gear. By tracking entry and exit to the working environment, the system can assess the suitability of workers’ protective equipment. Such a smart system based on data science abilities can help save thousands of workers.

    As the data industry matures, the ability of predictive analytics also improves. Utilizing machine learning algorithms in the occupational safety field tends to ease employers’ lives, making jobs more effective, and workplace conditions much safer for workers.

    Our team also has experience in the development of such an application. We are here to deliver the most efficient data-driven solution securing the safety of your staff and lightening your responsibility load.

    Improving your e-commerce business system
    Improving your e-commerce business system

    We can predict the purchases, profits, losses and even turn your business the way that will make customers buy additional products based on the analysis of your data. Running an e-commerce business for years, you store tons of data. A human brain is unable to analyze it and doesn’t have a clue on making efficient business decisions. Data science solutions can help you make use of this data by providing suggestions of how to raise sales.

    Utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms also affects a range of important business factors, such as price optimization, inventory management, merchandising that is an essential part of the retail business, and many others.

    We are ready to show you some examples of apps related to the e-commerce industry made on the ML model basis by the ABCloudz application development team. So, we are waiting to help you strengthen your business capacities!

    ABCloudz defends your finances

    Today, the true rescue for financial organizations is machine learning algorithms. Also, there can be a situation when your business goes through a thousand loan requests, a person selects “suitable” ones, and as a result, the percentage of loan defaults is, for example, 50%. When this data is analyzed by a system based on a neural network, the percentage of loan defaults can be 15%. As the studies say, artificial intelligence is much more powerful than the human brain prone to fatigue and susceptible to a number of external stimuli.

    Powered by machine learning systems can help businesses in reducing fraud. Thanks to the ML ability to detect and recognize thousands of patterns on a user’s purchasing journey, our team can predict fraud in a large volume of transactions and thereby prevent the trouble.

    Make sure your business system has no loopholes for a fraudster to ruin it. Get in touch with us today to secure your business with our expertise in leveraging machine learning!

    Providing new healthcare solutions

    Broadly speaking, machine learning has great potential for human body treatment improvement. Data scientists now are studying the might of ML algorithms and their possible application.

    Common predictions have already included heart or respiratory disease detection, chronic diseases management, such as diabetes and hypertension. The mind-blowing one is the fact data science can be used to support pharmaceutical corporations with discovering a cure for a certain disease. It’s still in the development stage, but we already can imagine how data science can change the life of the whole of humanity. Not impressed yet?

    We are eager to evolve in a way to be engaged in projects of such a scale. Now, our great team can show you a couple of projects less by size, but not less important since there are no unimportant projects in this industry. Together we can turn the world around with a new healthcare app saving real lives.

    Contact us today to start the groundbreaking development!

    Data science solutions for healthcare
    Here is why you need data science

    Why you need Data science

    You can uncover patterns in data that you didn’t even know existed, just apply us for our services. Our clients use data science to build recommendation engines in order to predict user behavior, as well as make it simple to sort and use other data.


    Machine learning is used in data Science to make predictions and also to discover patterns in data. For that, our professionals can add artificial intelligence to the business system of the client in order to cause the most efficient results.


    The ABCloudz most innovative technologies make it possible for our specialists to provide you with all the hottest novelties in the IT-world. We are happy to be useful as the work leads to modernization. So, just tell us about your problem and we solve it in the most modern way possible with a bunch of profits for your enterprise.

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    Take advantage of our vast experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

    Trust our team to bring your bright ideas to life leveraging the hottest technologies in the industry. Let us demonstrate how you can benefit from our proven agile approach.

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