Key fintech challenges

  • Secure data protection

    Practically all fintech solutions deal with private and confidential data, and, most of the time, are involved with the transfer and processing of significant amounts of monetary instruments. Therefore, data protection is a critical measure for your financial software. A fintech solution must be fortified with the best security practices.

  • Regulatory compliance

    The fintech industry is shaped by many governmental regulations. Non-compliance may cost you a reputation, a hefty fine, and, in some instances, a legal liability. Hence, it is important to determine all regulatory obligations that apply to your app and deliver a product in compliance with such requirements.

  • Proven processes
    Wide tech stack

    Android, iOS, or cross-platform solution? Cloud or Dedicated Server? AWS, Azure, or GCP? Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server? With a broad range of technologies available for building fintech software, selecting the right options for the tech stack is one of the most challenging steps in fintech app development.

  • Connected devices

    Phone, smartwatch, or smart ring payments are no longer a great novelty in the fintech industry. With the rapid development of IoT, BLE, and NFC technologies, financial software engages more devices and obtains new functionalities. However, creating a smoothly working financial system that relies on integrated devices may be a great challenge.

  • 10+ years in app development

    We started as a company that specialized in data management and database modernization. As we became one of the leading experts in these fields, we gained solid expertise in various technology industries, including the fintech development domain. Our team of technology experts has worked on and delivered numerous successful projects pertaining to finance and banking software.

  • 500 delivered apps

    Our projects are our main source of experience. With more than 500+ apps serving mulitple industries, we surely know what really matters to our customers and how our solutions can align to their business logic. We employ a customer-specific approach and always consider the most valuable industry trends to deliver fintech apps of excellent quality.

  • AWS/MS partnership

    As a leader and active participant in the information technology industry, ABCloudz always explores ways for accelerating the opportunities by establishing partnerships that would make us constantly improving. We gladly cooperate with the industry’s definitive names and are certified AWS and Microsoft partners.

More ideas for your apps

At ABCloudz, we always keep up with the most relevant industry trends. We thoroughly research the market to come up with the most reliable and efficient solutions for your business needs. Hence, we’re always ready to support you with our relevant industry insights and innovation-centered ideas.

We can implement your most ambitious concepts and solve your most painful challenges with a broad tech stack, which includes technologies for data analytics, machine learning tools, embedded device networks, and many more. We grant you advanced functionality, top-notch security, and excellent scalability of the provided solutions.

Are you ready to embrace the potential of fintech technologies? Contact us now and start working on your groundbreaking fintech applications with reputable technology experts!

    Key solutions that we provide

    Blockchain app development

    Do you want to ensure the security and transparency of your fintech software? Blockchain technology may be the right answer. Utilizing blockchain technology is a great solution to keep your data organized and stored in distributed ledgers to ensure it is synchronized, shared, and replicated simultaneously minimizing the likelihood of erroneous or illicit alteration. We can help you develop secure blockchain-powered business platforms, blockchain marketplaces, and enterprise systems. We can ensure safe and transparent transactions, documentation management, data exchange, and many more with the blockchain, one of the most promising modern technologies.

    Trading platforms and investment app development

    Trading apps allow the users to invest in the market, share investment knowledge, and monitor risks in real-time. These products serve as alternatives to services offered by financial brokers and investment funds. Our developers have more than 10 years of experience in software development. They have participated in a broad range of fintech projects. We can design and deliver high-load trading apps allowing users to leverage the great potential of the market.

    Mobile banking app development

    Recently, Neobanks have become quite popular alternative to a traditional banking institutions. Neobanks don’t have any physical location and exist in the digital space only. They use advanced technologies to display smart features like enhanced security, cashback, multi-currency support, analysis, and spending insights. We leverage our expertise to deliver client banking apps that connect many users within a large financial system. These software solutions enable bank clients to manage their credit and deposits, conduct transactions, set regular payments, request valuable financial information, communicate with bank representatives, and many more.

    Personal finance app development

    ABCloudz technology experts deliver apps that optimize personal finance management. These software solutions provide detailed statistics on personal income and expenses. They help users in a variety of ways – from managing a personal budget more efficiently to making sophisticated financial predictions.

    Debt application development

    Debt applications are becoming more and more popular in the microfinance market. At their core, they serve as organizer apps that allow their users to take control over their expenditures, consolidate debt, and pay it off in a smart way. Debt apps are also excellent for helping users understand how much interest they will have to pay based on payoff timelines.
    ABCloudz will help you design and create a debt application to satisfy the target audience with the best functionality. Our developers have experience in a broad range of fintech projects and will create the best solution for your needs.

    Digital payment/billing app development

    Modern consumers vote for the most time- and cost-effective payment methods as a more comfortable alternative to a credit card. They want to utilize mobile apps or wallets which allow them to pay the merchants or transfer money to other users at a glance. Our technology specialists develop various payment/billing apps that make transactions simpler than ever. Such applications ensure more efficient financial management, as they create and store invoices and send payment reminders to the users.

    Legacy fintech app upgrade

    Our software developers will update your legacy fintech solutions to the most appropriate industry standards. Whether you need to optimize a billing app or completely refactor an insurtech solution, we’re here to help. We employ the latest technologies and thoroughly analyze the most current industry trends to give a new life to your financial system software.

    Our approach

    We at ABCloudz believe in the value of consistency and organization. We employ a step-by-step approach that makes your most ambitious ideas a reality. Our fintech app development roadmap includes the following stages:
    1. Research. We thoroughly examine your idea and help you come up with the most relevant tech stack and solutions for its implementation.
    2. MVP development. We develop a Minimum Viable Product for your solution, which helps you understand the demand for its basic functionalities. You can also collect user feedback that will help you determine the ways for your app’s further development.
    3. Active development. Our software developers keep up with your requirements and apply user feedback to build consistent frontend and backend for your solution.
    4. QA assurance and testing. QA specialists thoroughly examine your app to determine whether it has any bugs and fits all your requirements.
    5. Product deployment. We help you deploy and successfully release your product on App Store, Play Market, or any other place where the clients will be able to download it.
    6. Support, maintenance, and optimization. We understand the value of continuous application development. Hence, we offer our support, maintenance, and optimization to all of our clients that want their product to be relevant for a long time.

    Regardless of the project scope, we will lead the client from the idea development, through App Store/Google Play release, to further support and maintenance.

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