Key benefits

  • Cost optimization
    Cost optimization

    The ABCloudz experts can help understand and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your cloud resources without sacrificing performance and scalability.

  • Automated delivery
    Automated delivery

    We can establish CI/CD processes that allow for shortening software production cycles and automating the delivery of new features to your app users.

  • Greater flexibility
    Greater flexibility

    Enable future growth with flexible, on-demand cloud solutions and take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer regardless of your workloads' size.

  • Improved security
    Improved security

    Meet the latest security standards by discovering all vulnerabilities, weaknesses. And then trust the ABCloudz team to eliminate these security issues.

  • 10+ years of experience

    Over the last decade, our team has dedicated ourselves to helping customers with architecting cloud solutions, optimizing complex data workloads, and managing workloads on an ongoing basis. From application development to ongoing support and professional IT consulting, ABCloudz truly is your one-stop-shop.

  • 300 customers who trust us

    ABCloudz has been engaged with startups to enterprise accounts. We know that the ongoing application modernization and optimization are even more important than the initial development. You can rely on our trusted team to optimize the performance of your applications.

  • Endless
    technologies empowered

    Our team of professionals has comprehensive experience with modern technologies. Our certified engineers can deliver powerful yet cost-effective digital solutions that meet your business needs and comply with the highest industry standards.

Experts in cloud economics

Are you looking for a reliable partner to maintain and modernize your data-consuming applications? Do you need a team that can accomplish any of the ongoing app development challenges and continue innovation? ABCloudz is here to help!

Our mission is to help businesses accurately, efficiently, and reliably build, move and manage data workloads for businesses who may not have the time, resources, and skills required to handle complex challenges. With proven expertise developing and maintaining over 500 mobile and web applications, we know how to keep you ahead of the competition.

Let our team demonstrate our prolific skills, sheer talent, and absolute dedication to your project!

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    Key services

    Network and infrastructure improvements
    Network and infrastructure improvements

    Best practices for network and security setup include using subnets for your data and applications in the cloud, as well as virtual private networks like Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Virtual networks are logical containers that separate the resources you create from other customers within your cloud. Subnets allow for giving different access rules to the resources you place inside. ABCloudz utilizes DevOps scripts to set up new subnets and virtual networks in a matter of clicks when you need them.

    Here is an example of recommendations on the infrastructure changes that our team may provide you.

    • Use multiple environments to ensure thorough testing of your software before deployment. We adhere to a four-stage model both for code and database script changes. This model includes development, test, staging, and production environments
    • Improve performance by changing instance types, moving databases to the managed cloud service, or updating the application architecture
    • Create automated recovery processes and implementing automatic notification and tracking of failures to improve your system’s reliability
    • Save up to 30% off your current expenses by consolidating workloads, moving off expensive database platforms to free cloud platforms like PostgreSQL or MySQL, and removing unused resources
    • Improve the quality of ongoing monitoring to foresee and implement proactive changes
    Modernization of data-driven applications
    Modernization of data-driven applications

    You may have been developing applications for decades. Now, these apps have become outdated as they fail to meet the latest industry standards and requirements. To stay on par with competitors, you need to adapt to new technology trends. These include the following:

    • Application migration to the cloud
    • Architecture upgrade to microservices
    • Adopting a whole new technology stack

    Trust the ABCloudz team in re-writing the application logic and upgrading to an appropriate architecture. This approach helps meet the latest application development standards and make use of cloud services. By using the technologies like ReactJS, JavaScript, and .NET Web API, we can modernize your legacy applications.

    With an established CI/CD process, the deployment of your new system will take hours rather than months. As a result, you will enjoy improved performance, seamless software updates, as well as cloud benefits.

    Data environment optimization
    Data environment optimization

    Our company has emerged from the world of data. That is why we take a data-centric approach to all aspects of the IT industry. We may help you determine the cloud-ready workloads, migrate them to the cloud, upgrade your databases, and assist in optimizing your data landscape.

    Migrating from an on-premises data center to the cloud will provide you with better scalability, greater flexibility, always-on availability, and rich recovery options.

    Upgrading a database becomes critical because old versions lose support. Database upgrade usually brings new possibilities and features. However, this can be a source of organizational inconvenience, which may result in downtime, functional changes, and compatibility issues.

    Architecture optimization involves maximizing the speed and efficiency of your data-driven applications. Our prominent solution architects, database developers, and analysts work together to optimize system performance by changing its architecture.

    How it works

    The easiest way to get started with our cloud economics offer is the basic consulting service. After you provide our trusted experts with read-only access rights to your environment, our team examines your data ecosystem at a high-level to provide you with a set of recommendations for process automation and implementing DevOps practices.

    Deep dive

    On the next step, our team can upon your demand assess your infrastructure, Git, and existing DevOps orchestration tools, if any.

    Results and benefits

    A detailed profile of your environment is already a valuable result as it allows for a better understanding of potential issues and discovering optimization opportunities. Our experienced cloud solution architects and certified engineers use the results of this initial discovery to design a modernization roadmap and provide you with a set of recommendations on further improvements.

    How it works Cloud economics

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