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  • See how we achieved zero downtime for app deployments
    Real-time effects

    Develop real-time video processing and image recognition apps with ABCloudz, using the ultimate algorithms, reaching out to millions of mobile users.

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    Our experienced developers established an agile development process, which ensures successful delivery and seamless integration of new features.

  • Bright images

    Be sure to try our services in order to get the most convenient solution utilizing neural networks for image recognition in your mobile application.

  • Cost optimization
    Constant innovation

    Improve your business agility and increase innovation pace to stay abreast of the competition by leveraging proven technology solutions from ABCloudz.

  • 10+ years of experience

    We’re developing in dozens of directions at the same time and never stand still. The ABCloudz professional team has already provided the clients with video processing, picture recognition, and the latest AR and VR technologies.

  • 300 customers who trust us

    As a leading company in the field of information technologies, we are constantly modernizing ourselves that allows us to find the most effective and profitable solutions for our customers, which makes them come back for our service.

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    Over the years, ABCloudz helps hundreds of customers from all over the world by creating highly successful applications. We can prove our professionalism, no sweat. Just give us a chance! Contact us to improve your business with the highest technologies we utilize masterly.

Experts in graphic processing

We know a lot about video processing and image recognition, as these technologies are used everywhere. For example, in small portable drone cameras that today anyone can buy for fun. In the future, we’ll find cameras like this on every corner, which in theory will help reduce crime in the world and improve the standard of living for all of us.

But what are AR and VR? You’ve probably tried virtual reality glasses in a gaming club, or maybe you’ve got your own. You might have tried augmented reality playing with Google’s dinosaurs or perhaps you have tried our art shopping app.

Today, these directions are in the midst of their development and we’ll still hear hot news about how augmented and virtual realities will divide our lives into before and after.

At ABCloudz, we make apps leveraging all of these technologies. Our team is the one who strives to give these technologies the most meaningful applications.

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    Key services

    Video processing
    Video processing

    Video processing uses time-honored algorithms to achieve the best possible performance, building a highly optimized application.

    Even a basic video recording task becomes non-trivial when it comes down to applying filters or watermarks and adding objects to the video. We crafted the solution, which uses Graphics Processing Unit to process the videos in real-time. This algorithm leverages time markers to synchronize the edited video and audio buffers.

    This intelligent approach allows for increasing application performance for both iOS and Android applications.

    Image recognition
    Image recognition

    The latest technology solutions for image recognition provided by our professionals allow for detecting human faces, road signs, or even cats.

    To get the best possible results, we consider leveraging a neural network, or even multiple neural networks.

    The ABCloudz team can leverage image recognition technologies in a variety of applications, from custom-tailored camera apps to immersive eye-controlled games. The list of cool features that can be brought to life with a face recognition feature includes adding Facebook likes with smile detection, sending emojis based on your face mimics, as well as handwriting recognition.

    Augmented Reality
    Video processing

    ABCloudz’s application development team has vast experience in implementing AR features into amazing mobile applications. We can leverage open-source solutions, as well as the latest technology trends like Apple’s ARKit or Qualcomm Vuforia AR platform.

    By leveraging image recognition technology, we can detect and recognize various types of objects in the live camera picture. Once the object is detected, we can perform various actions with it, delivering a really powerful 3D augmented reality solution.

    Contact us today to get the most innovative application for your business’s improvement!

    Virtual Reality

    The virtual reality technology can totally replace the real-world environment with a virtual one. We also can combine augmented reality with virtual reality by adding virtual objects to the image from the smartphone’s camera in real-time.

    Using a VR headset is the easiest way to experience virtual reality in action. In addition to a compatible device, you need the appropriate software. ABCloudz developers are top-class experts in this segment. To prove our expertise, we can show you some art pieces of our creative vision of implementing this technology.

    Want to create your own world and dive into it? Let’s do it together! Write to us today to start the creation of the reality you wish.

    Virtual Reality
    AR e-commerce mobile app

    Seeing is believing

    At ABCloudz, not only have we built a smart team, but we also nurture a unique and inspiring work environment. Company employees have numerous development opportunities. Our team has established development practices, flawless agile processes, and undoubted expertise we easily can showcase.

    Our team is obsessed with continuous education, constant innovation, and lifelong learning. Therefore, we are looking for the most challenging projects to demonstrate our skills and competency. At the same time, we focus on providing customers with competent services in a cost-effective, but more importantly qualitative manner.

    Our development portfolio highlights the mastery of our craft and includes projects we delivered recently. Watch the video to learn more about our AR technology insertion experience.

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    Trust our team to bring your bright ideas to life. Let us demonstrate how you can benefit from our proven agile approach.

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