WellBeam healthcare application directly connects hospitals and care providers. This app helps the doctors, hospital administrative workers, and care agents to avoid the fuss, queuing, and paperwork.

ABCloudz partnered with WellBeam to create a one-of-a-kind app that helps healthcare institutions assure discharged patients with the highest standards of medical treatment at home.

WellBeam healthcare application
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Our customer needed an application to streamline the long process of preparing medical records and signing papers for home health agencies could take over the discharged patients.

Currently, this process takes weeks. The customer required a HIPAA-compliant platform to store medical information, eliminate paperwork, and sign documents on the go. Besides, they thought of a solution to allow the care agencies access to the doctors on urgent patient issues.

ABCloudz developed an AWS-based solution for the iOS and web to ensure secure and effective document processing between the hospitals and care providers. Our team also designed a seamless user experience and a neat user interface of both mobile and web applications.

Our developers enabled eSign signatures to avoid administrative overheads. Our solution architects ensured HIPAA-compliant infrastructure to keep the patients’ data secured. We added personal data encryption to facilitate the app certification for the customer and simplified the cash-cycle between hospitals and care agencies.

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Managing medical records to pass over the care of a discharged patient is already a meticulous process. Add here several instances to sign papers, not matching hours of service, and paper overflow. This process takes a couple of weeks yet post-surgery patients require help instantly.

We overcame the paperwork with a digital platform available on web and iOS, to create, store, and exchange the medication data between the hospital and patients’ care agents.

Also, the solution covers the communication gap. WellBeam healthcare application allows the care agent to get instant consultation with the hospital on corrections to the treatment that patient receives.

Thus two huge administrative organizations save time on both collecting and signing documents. And, also time on referencing doctors and waiting for their answer to turn into prescription, get documented, and finally, reach the requester.


Developing the WellBeam app our team utilized Swift and React for iOS and web clients respectively. The platform has AWS in its backend. Also, the client uses Amazon Cognito to login.

To provide for effortless and rapid documents signing via digital signatures, we integrated the DocuSign API. Besides, for effective and instant communication in-app, we leveraged Socket iOS to create real-time chats.

For secure data transfer, we relied on the SSL pinning encryption methodology.  Keychain services in iOS provide a secure way to store sensitive data. The application doesn’t store any protected user data locally on the device. User profiles do not store any protected user data as well. All the sensitive data is stored in the system keychain.

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The world market is full of apps that feel and look quite the same. So, to score a big win, your application must be unique. To create a special app you need a team of developers who will discover that “kicker” in your idea and understand how to bring it to life. The ABCloudz team delivered many solutions, and we believe personal touch brings apps to the top.

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WellBeam is a big platform for hospital doctors and patients’ care agents to exchange medication data and sign orders in digital format. The platform utilizes Amazon Web Services that ensure secure and scalable data storage.

To keep patient sensitive data secure the platform provides for data encryption. The procedure of signing orders is also completely secure. Only the hospital team and the patient’s care agency team can access the documents.

The teams sign orders using their eSignatures. Then the system stores the following data about every action:

  • Who signed the order
  • The exact time and data
  • Corrections on the treatment from doctors
  • Requests from the patient’s care team

The ABCloudz team designed and delivered functional WellBeam healthcare applications. Stanford University hospitals utilize these applications to streamline their processes and conduct the research required to confirm HIPAA.

We provided our customers with a seamless process of preparing documentation which takes a couple of hours instead of several weeks. The patients can get home for further recovery soon after the operation without worrying about papers.

However, thinking of the business benefits we can name several:

  • Shorter time for preparing medical records
  • Less waiting to collect the required signatures
  • No-fuss with administrative processes
  • Less paperwork to save forests
  • Seamless scalability for any number of patients

That means that both hospitals and patient care agencies save their efforts on paperwork and can actually help their patients.

Take advantage of the ABCloudz expertise in developing secure healthcare applications. We have the experience you need to bring challenging tasks to life.

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