AFPAS mobile application utilizes augmented reality to deliver an unprecedented customer experience with art buying. With this free AR application, potential buyers can see how an artwork might look like in their homes before purchasing it.

The ABCloudz developers leveraged the latest and the greatest AR technologies to deliver a truly immersive experience for the application users.


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Our customer wanted to create a new business model of selling digital art using an augmented reality art mobile application. They needed to overcome the biggest roadblock to selling digital art online, which is the impossibility to evaluate how the artwork will look in their home or place of business.

The ABCloudz application development team delivered an augmented reality mobile applications for iOS and Android. These apps allow for exploring how the artwork looks in the intended room prior to purchasing from online art retailers. Also, these apps leverage the leading AR platform Qualcomm Vuforia to deliver an unprecedented augmented reality experience.


One of the major uncertainties with purchasing art is the lack of understanding of how the artwork will look in your interior. No matter whether you purchase the artwork in the shop or online, you can never be 100% sure before you bring the painting to your room.

Considering the growth of modern technologies, you can expect smartphones to help users choose the right artwork for their interior. With augmented reality development tools like ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS, you can achieve outstanding results.

There are 3 different types of AR approaches: markerless, marker-based, and location-based. The first approach doesn’t deliver really good results, while the last one is good for the outdoor experience. Hence, we leveraged Qualcomm’s Vuforia platform combined with the special augmented reality markers. This approach allows for delivering a truly immersive user experience.


With AFPAS mobile applications, potential art buyers can beam artwork directly into their homes. So, they can see exactly how it might look before even purchasing it. Of course, if there’s no hidden shredder like the one in Banksy’s Balloon Girl frame.

The application uses the Azure SQL Database to store the images of the artworks. This intelligent, fully-managed relational cloud database service provides the required scalability and reliability.

We also leveraged the Azure Blob Storage with a content delivery network (CDN) to provide users with fast and secure data delivery within the app. This is really critical as you expect to see the high-quality image of an artwork immediately when you point the smartphone’s camera towards the AR marker. Finally, our developers implemented the PayPal SDK to perform in-app purchases.


Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the application.

The augmented reality art layer enables creating an augmented reality scene on top of the live picture from the camera. This is the core of the application and undoubtedly its greatest feature. The application uses the smartphone’s camera to discover the position and size of an AFPAS AR marker located on your wall in the very place where you would like your painting to be. Vuforia platform helps automate marker recognition and image scaling. This means that the users see the painting in real size and they can explore it from any point in your room.

The application server includes 2 key modules: a web portal for artists and an admin panel. The artist can log in to the web portal to upload the artworks, set the price and get the information about the buyer of their artwork. When the deal is done, the artist sends the painting to the buyer.

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Our developers implemented the business model of selling digital art using an augmented reality mobile application. Here’s the short list of the customer’s benefits:

  • The main benefit for artists comes as the financial reward when somebody buys their pictures. Still, their popularity grows as people are watching the pictures in the application
  • The users can augment the art into reality before buying. In addition, they benefit from fast delivery and secure money transfer via PayPal
  • The application founders get a modest 15 percent fee from every sale. That allows for covering the annual expenses on application servers, databases, and support

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