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Video chat technology has been around for a long time. Rightfully so, Skype was among the first companies to connect people using video broadcasts. And we are still there in terms of technology — it’s only the signal quality and the number of programs that have increased.

When it comes to the desktop platform, I could name you several rivals and that’s it, not much for more than a decade since we met Skype. The mobile platform is also surprisingly shallow — after you search for a video-based app, you will be offered tons of ChatRoulette clones that offer no real value. Once again, we have Skype and Messenger but they lack functionality for managing large groups of people.

Being keen on data management, ABCloudz creates video calling apps that fit broader video chat goals entirely. We know how to make it run fast, secure data privacy, and include customization features.

Video call communication


WebRTC is the cornerstone for creating solid interactions between users. To unleash its full potential, we utilize Twilio API for both the authentication and signal transferring measures.

Apart from regular messaging, Twilio provides broad opportunities for weaving programmable video functionality. It also fits both iOS and Android app development when implementing such features as video room controls, setting up local media, managing remote participants, reconnection features, and more.

What’s more, we actively use Wowza API to enable mobile streaming and make broadcasting easy. Our developers implement adaptive playback, extensive VOD management, player core functionality, and secure low-latency performance.


For mobile application development, programmable Video REST API does the heavy lifting. Starting from the back end server and using HTTP requests, the app uses the resources for enabling commands. It’s worth noting that HTTPS is used for making requests as the API supports the encrypted way of addressing its core.

Conference video call


We implement basic HTTP authentication to protect video calls using Key Sid and Key Secret from Twilio API. Our developers enable various login methods: username, password, verification codes, and other security measures. Depending on the customer’s needs, it can either be complex encryption or basic login methods for an easy start. Once authenticated, Twilio will keep this info logged for the whole call duration and protect its connection.


Rooms are the core of video calls and we put a lot of emphasis on their functioning. To put it simply, rooms are the sessions between endpoints of Twilio’s SDK — even if there are only two participants there will still be a virtual room. Depending on the app needs, we can modify room properties, TURN config, callback status, participant numbers, etc. to customize their experience on a core level.

Recordings, compositions

Because we are especially knowledgeable on data quips, ABCloudz knows the best practices to establish server-side processes. Our app developers enable storage for recording video chats, video messages, screen captures, playback options and other interactions within a product. Depending on the goals and the scale of your app, we can enable AWS Media Services, Google Cloud for Media, and Azure Media Services. Our developers also grant access to every bit of data and command statuses of the app flow.

Video recording playback

User Interface

To enable convenient app usage, ABCloudz takes the best of Lottie. Made for custom animations, we transfer Lottie components to apps and turn them into responsive UI elements for menu navigation and making or receiving video calls. Consisting of JSON and XML files, it sets the parameters for animation behavior based on your needs. While XML is responsible for enabling certain elements, the JSON body includes:

  • Timing — animation duration and delay
  • Shapes — paths, primitives (rectangles, circles, lines)
  • Properties animations — rotation, position, scale
  • Color properties — solids, gradients, raster fill

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Contact us and start making your own product! Whether it’s a small corporate app for comms or a fully-fledged messenger, video functionality elevates your app to a new level. Instant connection and smooth animations leave a lasting impression on anyone who dares to use it.

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