Spyfall Mobile Game

Times are changing along with the rest of the world. Years ago, you played Monopoly with your whole family and quarreled over who would take which property and who secretly stole which cards. Those were great times.  But now, everything has changed. You have changed. And our life has become much faster.

You no longer have time to set up the pieces to play a board game. You want it right now, in the pub, where you relax with your friends and think about activities you can all do together. And now, there is a solution to this problem! What one thing is always with you? What has become an extension of your hand? Yes, your mobile phone. And today you can play your favorite board game with your friends everywhere.

One of the board games that has become a mobile app is Spyfall. It’s an easy-to-learn game of bluffing, probing questions, clever answers, and suspicion. To get the feel and purpose of this, check out the following video:

Game flow

In Spyfall mobile game, all players receive the same cards through the application, except for one. This one player is the Spy. The goal of the game is to uncover the Spy. And the Spy must determine the location shown on the player’s cards. Players then start asking each other questions. The first player who answers the question correctly proceeds to ask any other player a question of their own, except the player who asked the last question.

cards for the spyfall board game

Non-Spy players need to ask questions and give answers that prove to other players they know the correct location. But watch out! If your questions and answers are too specific, the Spy will easily guess the location and win, so you need to practice a bit of subtlety. On the other hand, if your questions and answers are too generic, other players may accuse you of being the Spy. So, if you listen carefully to other players, you’ll be able to come up with a plausible question or answer.

And the winner is…

All players may discuss who they think the Spy is. When everyone is ready to vote, each player at the same time points to another player’s name. If all Non-Spies point to the Spy, the Non-Spies win. Otherwise, the Spy wins.

You can stop the game and declare a vote at any time. Players vote for one person and if it isn’t the Spy the game continues. Those who left the game must sit and watch without prompting who is right, wrong, or who they think the Spy is.

The Spy is allowed to make a final guess as to where the Non-Spies are, and if they are correct – the spy wins.

playing the spyfall board game

Technologies we use for application development

The ABCloudz app development team brings your idea to production and then maintains and supports your product or application. So, if you have just a desire to turn your favorite board game into a mobile game app, ABCloudz can help bring the idea to life. Our team includes experts in researching, planning, sketching, and of course coding, testing, and deployment as well. That is all you need to deliver a successful mobile app to the market.

For instance, we started this project by creating software requirement specifications and wireframes. Our design team then delivered bright animated illustrations to improve the user experience.

ABCloudz utilized Flutter to develop the Spyfall mobile game. This technology allows for deploying code on multiple platforms. Therefore, you can significantly save money or increase ROI by reaching out to millions of mobile devices with a cross-platform app like the one used for Spyfall.


ABCloudz provides customers with a full app development cycle. You can rely on our experienced application development team to design and develop a cost-effective mobile app that will replace your favorite board game. As you can see, we have experience in turning board games into mobile apps, so contact us to skyrocket the launch of your game or application!

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