Developing a healthcare app with AcuFlo device

Our customer Sonohaler produces inhalation devices that collect data on the performance of each inhalation. They turned to ABCloudz to develop an iOS app to support their innovative asthma tracking technology. ABCloudz developed an application that records the sound during the inhalation through the phone microphone and uses an ML model to analyze the record. Based on the inhalation data, the app builds an interactive medication plan to ensure correct dosing.

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Background on asthma disease

Asthma is a chronic illness characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, the severity and frequency of which varies from person to person. People with asthma may experience symptoms several times a day or week, and some people have attacks during physical activity or at night.

Inadequate diagnosis and treatment of asthma creates a significant burden on individuals and families and often limits the activities of individuals throughout their lives.

As a healthcare company, Sonohaler is determined to improve the lives of people affected by asthma. They were intended to develop affordable asthma monitoring tools for parents and children around the world. People in Sonohaler are eager to increase knowledge about asthma to improve the lives of people affected by this disease.

Our client is convinced that using inhalers is not easy. And many users may find it difficult to ensure correct dosing, remember their medication, and assess their asthma symptoms. This is especially true for parents who manage their child’s asthma. So, here ABCloudz was really helpful, making the client’s dream come true.


Application flow

Sonohaler first cares about people. Their mission is to save children’s lives and improve the quality of current medical solutions. They applied to ABCloudz for help in resolving the problem of interaction with direct customers.

To be more convenient and closer to the problem of their customers, Sonohaler decided to create a handy tool for those children around the world who suffer from asthma. The main idea of the app is to gain control of the disease by tracking inhaler dosing, showing results and performance of each inhalation and reminding users about the next scheduled dose. For that, the patient uses an inhaler with an attached AcuFlo device for inhalation. When the patient takes the inhalation, the app records the sound. The tool then stores the analysis results and the user may review this data. Tending to create a healthcare app, the client faced the challenge of building secure data storage to meet the HIPAA compliance regulations. Now, all data related to the patient including personal info, records, inhalation logs, etc. stores in the Firebase database.

Technologies we used

Our great team assessed this project in 5 milestones including different types of work from business analysis to polishing of the finished product. The ABCloudz team started with creating wireframes and specifications for the iOS application. Working closely with the customer, we defined essential app features and established a seamless user flow. Approved wireframes served as a clean, accurate rendering of the mobile app’s layout, functionality, features, and guide during the design phase. We provided the customer with a comprehensive design solution following the platform guidelines.

To create the desired app, we utilized Swift. This application didn’t need any expensive sensor devices as it’s aimed at middle to lower class parents of children with asthma. Thanks to the AcuFlo device invented and patented by Sonohaler in the tandem with the ML model, children from less wealthy families can breathe deeply. As was mentioned before, all the data stores in the Firebase to assure the client of security. Also, ABCloudz configured the GCP cloud environment as the most convenient and reliable solution for the client’s business needs. An ML model provided by the client and deployed to GCP is used to analyze audio recordings created by the iOS application, which uses Firebase Firestore and Firebase Cloud Functions for data storage and processing.



Our team is strongly convinced that a good reputation can only be earned by honest hard work, that’s why we are coherent and accurate. As a result, Sonohaler received quality services and, down to the last detail, a fully working product that meets all the customer’s expectations and wishes. To be more specific, our specialists provided the client with the following benefits:

  • Optimized the usage of cloud resources to make the app cost-effective
  • Designed a scalable app architecture to serve any number of customers
  • Encrypted customer’s private data to meet HIPAA compliance regulations

Now, they can control and prevent asthma attacks by measuring correct dosing and tracking asthma symptoms. Intuitive and modern design makes it easy for patients to use the app. And the AcuFlo technology provides a range of options for suffering ones, so now people live healthier and happier.

From year to year, hundreds of companies engaged in completely different businesses trust us and return to us for our services. We are proud of our name and the strong and experienced team behind it as well.

So, if you want to leave an imprint in history with your world-turning healthcare device, just contact us and we’ll help you make your idea come true.

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