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Remote is the buzz word for 2020. And healthcare is no different — the industry was almost there anyway. It was only a question of time as to when hospitals would be on board so people don’t need to wait in line and risk lives.

Understanding the importance of health condition tracking, ABCloudz shares safety values and commits the best resources to make medical services secure. It can be adherence to medication plans, sample analysis, digitizing medical reports, or anything related to patients’ data. What’s more, our engineers enable smooth collecting, storing, and processing of data according to the HIPAA, GDPR, COPPA, and FDA standards.

Healthcare telemetry transition

How we make remote telemetry work for medical services

ABCloudz knows all about managing healthcare data. And to make data collection a cakewalk, we bring as much automation as possible to our approach. This involves creating special collectors — agents that automatically discover and gather information from all the connected remote gadgets. Depending on the app architecture, it will quickly process and deliver data to the receiving party.

Our broad stack of technologies also makes things easier. Developers blend multiple APIs for secure database interaction, access handling, and easy event management inside the app. Data transferring — our prime area of expertise — helps us transform telemetry into cohesive data, ready for both doctor and patient consumption. Rest assured that the collected private data stays secure both at rest and in transit.

Documenting healthcare telemetry

Technological approach for remote telemetry

We create what is called the Remote Data Environment. This means we do everything to facilitate easy app usage.

This also means the collected data is stored in cloud servers and is instantly available upon request. For instance, if a doctor wants to know information about a patient’s medication, treatment, or analysis, its history will be immediately displayed in a neat UI. Based on the information received, both parties can engage in dialogue for adjusting medication plans and sharing insight.

Another key issue for security is telemetry access. We enable both physical and digital verification. Regardless of distance, users can access data through readers, IDs, or fingerprints from Bluetooth-connected devices.

Blood analysis telemetry

Completed missions

When it comes to remote healthcare, our expertise is unparalleled. We have deployed a number of projects that successfully help patients make their lives easier.

For example, we created an app that grants doctors and care agents information about discharged patients on tablets. It replaced all paperwork, lets medical staff safely e-sign documents, and securely transferred encrypted data.

Another case was building an app that tracked patients’ conditions and supported asthma medication. By connecting to respiratory gadgets, doctors received a tool for watching after patients, forming BI reports, and making decisions based on those reports. Patients, on the other hand, got the required care and a caretaker at a moment’s notice.

With a track record of creating esteemed medical apps, we were contacted to create handy COVID-19 tests. So, we built an app allowing patients to know blood test results right away. With a help of QR codes, we honed the process of sample analysis and for showing their results in the app immediately.

Go for it!

ABCloudz is a proven expert in medical solutions. And we make the pieces of the healthcare puzzle work. We can help you gather data from all sorts of metrics, store it, and make it meaningful for consumers. By leveraging remote service, you can turn it to your advantage and deliver safety to doctors and patients.

Contact us and make a remote medical app a flourishing business. And be sure to read another blog post about our practical experience in healthcare application development.

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