Security in healthcare applications

Healthcare is complicated. So is building medical apps. But just when you think you’re done and the hardest part is over, there’s another hurdle — certification.

Such standards as HIPAA, GDPR, COPPA, and FDA are the holy grail in medical privacy. And to make it into the market, the app must comply with these rules as customers’ privacy is paramount.

ABCloudz nails medical standards with a surgeon’s precision. Backed by vast experience in the field, we help healthcare apps meet required security standards. With top-notch documentation and a multi-level security system, it becomes an easy affair for your product.

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Documentation is a synonym of certification

When it comes to certification, there are tons of factors that impact the final result. Namely, documentation is among the most crucial things each set of regulation standards requires. It serves as a reliable source about the app architecture, data storage, mechanics of data collectors and processors, methods of adding or editing data, and other information.

We also provide thorough guidelines for the product’s usage. This gives regulators a high-level view of key principles and goals the application is designed to pursue in the healthcare industry.

Compliance standards

How we achieve security in healthcare applications

Security is the key to certification and we achieve it using the latest technologies. Modern-day security means a neat combination of physical and digital authorization — one of the ABCloudz prime areas. That’s why we use card readers with personal IDs and streaming capabilities to monitor security via cameras.

For the digital component, our developers enable 2-factor authentication based on user IDs and restricted rights, access levels, and duration. We also enable automatic log-off, emergency access, and remote data wipe when approaching HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

What’s more, our specialists keep logs for databases and local services separately — they can easily be tracked, reported, and updated upon request. The same applies to work sessions whose recordings are stored for future revision. Additionally, the network is secure thanks to applying modern encrypted communication protocols, including HTTPS. Enabling eSign is another fruitful technology we implement to secure the highest security level.

Security in healthcare applications

Cloud convenience

With hands-on experience in the cloud area, we use the best of this technology to ensure compliance standards. Powered by such solutions as Datica, we can implement private communication between each app user in the cloud environment. Another advantage would be delivering backend encryption using such tools as Auth0 to provide extra security.

We help you reach the market

Managing private data is a sensitive question that should be approached thoroughly. Because of our experience in building apps that fully comply with all sorts of standards, we can take care of the entire process to help you avoid obstacles.

Don’t wait, go for it!

We at ABCloudz know what healthcare is all about. We conduct a healthy approach to a patient’s data and care about the performance of your product when it reaches the market.

Contact us and make your product compliant with all major healthcare requirements and regulations.

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