Cross-platform apps built on Flutter

In 2020, mobility is the name of the game. Mobile traffic accounts for over half of web traffic, and the usage of these apps will often drain a customer’s time. As a result, when launching a product there should be a fast-running mobile version.

To make the app far-reaching — Flutter is the way to go. It enables cross-platform development with plain code management that grants stark UX and vast customization levels to end users.

With Flutter, you can reach every platform and attract as many users as possible — and our developers know how to turn your idea into a cohesive and snappy product.

See the video showing our team’s approach to creating Flutter applications.

The technology behind Flutter application development

Flutter is a neat SDK for creating mobile apps from Google. And while it stays true to its name, the Flutter-based application is equally snappy on both Android and iOS platforms.

We ensure that the ported version works as the native application from the very moment a user launches a splash screen. In fact, top-notch performance is what stands out among Flutter advantages to secure its stable performance during peak loads.

What’s more, our developers make the best of the available API. Based on the .NET core server, we equip the app with the AWS cloud solutions and make its interaction with the client app and database sleek and joyful.

Flutter application

The best fit

Flutter is a proven technology for building corporate networks with maximum user functionality. In our recent Team News product, the developers introduced a wholesome environment, where the owner can create and manage whole companies and virtually every other aspect of the app.

It starts with creating a company unit.  Then the owner invites employees and assigns group admins. At its core, the app works like a typical social network, so what’s the fuss?

The Flutter application development is fast and grants full control over its customization. While it lets users create, like, and share posts with other users, the owner can manage UX in the app’s day-to-day usage. Additionally, it gives the means to control both notifications as well as feed logic and appearance.

Social interaction

Welcomed everywhere

Our developers squeeze maximum performance out of Flutter so the cross-platform performance is carved in stone. Regardless of the platform, the ported version is neck-and-neck with its original, making it snappy and accessible. Whether it’s iOS or Android, the app logic and interface remain identical and the app runs smoothly on desktop and web as well. Such things as scrolling, icons, fonts, and menu navigation will also be in rock-solid interaction with Flutter widgets.

Also, we have hands-on experience in crafting a separate rendering engine to accustom the app behavior to the product’s needs.

Backed by a vast number of supported libraries and packages from Google, the app can include numerous features such as Google Maps, easy logging via Twitter, Facebook, Google, video and camera content interaction, etc.

Multiple platforms


Making a flutter-based product is a win-win scenario — you get a feature-rich app that works under any condition. We also build a UI with fluent animations and menus with glorious widgets for high-frequency displays.

If an app is a car, a Flutter-based app is a race car because it speeds up development time, performance, and the crucial time to market parameters.

Go for it

Talk to us and see how we can make your business mobile and cute. Use the power of cross-platform solutions to deliver food and control every step of its operation.

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