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Life is precious, and so is comfort. People are used to handy gadgets, and healthcare is no different — telemetry is all over the place. So, the real question is: how to combine health trackers and mobile apps? And also keep their data secure.

For ABCloudz, it’s a done deal. That’s why we created the Digital 360 Health app for measuring blood pressure and handily storing patients’ results. Thanks to the expertise in connecting Bluetooth healthcare devices to apps, we easily transfer telemetry data and present results in coherent graphs.

With titanic database experts, we treat data like intel — it’s both safe and clear for both patients and doctors.


First is the app itself. As it starts from a splash screen, the privacy starts from a login page. For that measure, Digital 360 Health utilizes a neat combination of unique IDs and QR codes from the web interface — 2-factor registration is a good start for an iron-clad app.

Then, we ensure each step is clear for users. The visual instruction will show the device setup, how to prepare yourself, and, finally, launch the device. The app will also guide users on how to interact with Apple HealthKit.

Instant connection

For mobile and healthcare gadgets, Bluetooth is the connecting tissue. The ABCloudz engineers used this technology to tie blood pressure monitors with the Digital 360 Health app. It can also be gadgets for measuring asthma medication or even blood sample analysis.

We also make sure the telemetry gets to the right party. Whether it’s doctors or patients, the app owner will choose who’s to make informed decisions about health.


Health is best illustrated in trends. That’s why Digital 360 Health provides users with a full history of their medical records in a neat History tab.

And what happens on the app, stays on the app. Our devs enable keeping records on a phone locally, thus making data safe.

Powered by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), we develop products that ready for HIPAA and GDPR compliance. This means such entities as healthcare provides, medical plans, clearinghouses, and business associates will keep their data private and secure.

What you get

We can help you create a functional app that delivers upon medical needs. It will run fast, the UI will be clean and intuitive, and most importantly, the safety will be iron-clad.

Contact us to create an app that is both functional and secure. With proven expertise in creating niche medical solutions, we make Bluetooth gadgets do all the work for doctors — something your patients will appreciate.

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