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  • Kotlin

    Kotlin is officially announced to be a brand new statically typed programming language and a new love among the Android applications developers. Why choose Kotlin to develop Android mobile applications? For its clear and compact codebase, the possibility to easily maintain your code, compile it with existing Java code and create stable and functional applications.

    In ABCloudz, we have an excellent team, and extensive experience building new solutions. We know how to create dazzling, functional applications and how to save your time and efforts on development.

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  • Swift

    Swift today is the most popular programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The code is modern and safe. Your application will be functional and lightweight. Being completely interoperable, Swift allows maintaining and developing the already existing applications written in Objective-C.

    The ABCloudz application development team knows how to take advantage of the latest powerful programming languages. With our expertise and 10 years of experience, we are ready to challenge your project.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server

    Some things never change. Just like SQL Server databases being a bedrock of your business. What you can change — is the quality of performance.

    ABCloudz developed a Data Management Optimization service to monitor your SQL Server loads. We offer our customers expert consulting services and proved solutions on SQL Server management and modernization. Let us make your SQL Server database its best version.

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  • Microsoft .NET

    The feature-rich .NET framework allows easily creating applications that run on multiple platforms. Microsoft .NET possesses all the resources to equip interactive websites with full functionality and manage these websites smoothly.

    Our experience in application development gives us the upper hand. The ABCloudz team is here to challenge your project and come up with a unique solution to cover the pains of your business and bring to life your most striking ideas.

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  • AWS

    Running and handling production applications in the physical environment has limitations and maintenance headaches. Amazon Web Services offers a modern, flexible, and cost-effective alternative.

    ABCloudz is Amazon leading partner experienced with moving your application-databases to the cloud. The projects we brought to life give us bragging rights. We have proven algorithms and scenarios on AWS, we know how to optimize your solutions with AWS data integration tools and how to improve your database performance.

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  • mongoDB

    MongoDB is an incredible storage software which flexibility, scale, and performance make it a new take on databases.

    ABCloudz provided hundreds of our customers with cloud database solutions. Our team, proficient in managing data and applications is ready to serve you with creating flexible databases, analyzing your data, building IoT solutions, and identifying market trends.

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  • Azure

    Microsoft Azure cloud services allow you to build, manage and deploy intelligent applications on a global network. With Azure, you can put your application or database in the cloud using a wide range of tools and technologies, and choose purchasing options suitable exactly for your business needs.

    The ABCloudz team is competent in the whole set of services provided by Azure. Our experts will help you to modernize your legacy systems, build a new architecture, or to migrate your SQL Server database to Azure.

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  • Google Cloud Platform

    Moving the somewhere-already-existing workloads to Google Cloud is not always a simple solution for business. Painful and challenging it could be when done in the wrong way moving to Google Cloud can though optimize your workflow and save your capitals when done right.

    The skillful ABCloudz team is there for you to analyze your business needs, develop an effective roadmap, modernize your legacy systems, build for you a new architecture and provide all the necessary consultations and services to trump your business.

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  • Node.js

    Node.js runtime environment is the choice for any event-based application that deals with constantly updating data. Node.js lightness boosts both applications’ performance and team productivity. Another benefit is the microservices technology that allows integrating additional functionality without any difficulty.

    The only thing separating you from the state-of-the-art application is finding an experienced developer. With the skilled team of ABCloudz developers seems like nothing more keeps you from your dream app.

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  • Angular

    Angular is an open-source, supported by Google platform used to develop applications with the Web. Angular today is in between becoming the cure-all tool for longstanding and costly projects and the technology developers the most dreaded for verbosity and difficulties with legacy systems migration.

    The potential of Angular with data-heavy applications proves it worth trying. The ABCloudz team are the experts who will challenge the code work for you to enjoy your new awesome applications.

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  • Don’t see a technology that applies to your business? Our expertise covers much more, just ask!

Expertise you need

  • Connected devices

    We live in an age where your kettle, oven, smoke detector, and thermostat can access the Internet. The close integration of IoT and Hardware with modern smartphones signals a shift in the way that we live. As more and more devices come online, it is crucial that the data emitted is understood. ABCloudz built apps that connect to a range of different devices.

    Our specialty extends beyond merely ensuring that two devices can talk to each other, but that the information it displays can impact the user’s lives. For ABCloudz, the pride in our work comes from building applications that make life easier for our users. Connected IoT devices can help customers monitor the lives of their elderly parents to live more independently, and smart homes enable us to seamlessly interact with our homes from the couch or a country away.

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  • Healthcare

    There’s nothing better than living a healthy life and today, thanks to our smartphones, it’s easier to do that than ever. Today, smartphones and connected wearables can track and measure the way we move, our heart rates, sleep cycles, and more.

    The ABCloudz application development team can use all of the technology crammed into devices, from pedometers to barometers, to help our users improve their lives. Our work with the health community revolves around communication: we want to make it as easy as possible for users to understand more about their health, communicate with their doctor, and create powerful applications and meaningful changes that lead to a better life.

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  • AR / VR / AI

    “The biggest adventure you can take” Oprah Winfrey once said, “is to live the life of your dreams.” As accurate as Oprah may be, she has never watched her footprint press into the lunar soil or taken a submersible through the Mariana Trench. She has certainly never done these things while sitting in her living room. However, thanks to the magic of Virtual Reality, these are experiences that can be open to all. Using the increasingly large smartphone screens, state-of-the-art cameras, and our unique blend of Artificial Intelligence we build the applications that seamlessly integrate AR and VR.

    Our developers have worked to create Augmented and Virtual Reality applications that can enhance our current world or transport users to an entirely new one.

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  • Video / Image processing (in-app)

    A picture may be worth a thousand words but to interpret it takes twenty thousand lines of code. As smartphone cameras have eclipsed the power and quality of stand-alone point-and-shoots, they have quickly become one of the most important features of any new phone. Because of this, more and more applications can process and modify images and video. At ABCloudz, we are building countless applications that take advantage of the powerful image and video algorithms while keeping our apps nimble.

    The ABCloudz application development team and engineers can enhance your pictures with Artificial Intelligence, filters, and give your users the most magnificent photo they’ve ever taken.

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  • Cloud empowered

    Computing has evolved from punch cards to browsers and desktops to laptops. Today, the future of computing has arrived in the form of the cloud. By infusing your app with the cloud, you’re able to create and deploy a far more nimble experience for your user that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    No longer do your customers need to have separate systems on their desktop and mobile; rather they can all be combined allowing your users a genuinely seamless experience with your application. Offering a cloud-based application means that you’re able to ensure that your users will never be more than a single tap from your product.

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  • Social / Chat

    There are few things more engaging than a good conversation. ABCloudz allows you to imbue your app with social and chat features to keep your customers in your app, while they share it with the world. Building chat programs in your app allow your audience to quickly get in touch with your support team, for you to build AI bots to answer any questions that your customers may have, or for users to chat with each other. More than 30% of apps are downloaded based merely on a friend’s recommendation; this means that adding social buttons is a sure-fire way to build your community and customer base.

    The ABCloudz’s developers can quickly and easily enable your users to share the app with their friends across Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and more.

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  • UX / UI

    UX/UI is not about making things pretty, it’s about putting your user’s experience first. People immediately delete the app that looks shabby or inconvenient to use.

    Think about the people on the other side of the screen who will use your app or website every day. Good UX/UI humanizes complicated technologies and makes their everyday interaction with their favorite apps relaxing. It brings them back to your app when they have a minute. The ABCloudz designers create simple, intuitive, and user-centered UX/UI that brings your app to life. We will design for you an interface that will be loved.

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  • Uber-like

    On-demand services became extremely popular with the rise of the cloud computing era. Uber, Tinder — you name it. Everyone wants to break free and find the perfect match.

    We at ABCloudz have a number of proven matching solutions to work at any scale with virtually any data storage. Leveraging these solutions, we can build your application within a short period of time as a part of a cost-effective project. Believe it or not, a variety of industries can benefit from Uber-like applications. Our BA experts are ready to help you discover the right application development path

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            • App development process
              Application development process

              We at ABCloudz provide our customers with a full application development cycle. We start with explicit research and business analysis and go all the way to maintenance and support after deploying the application to the market.

              We want to make sure that our customers have a perfect understanding of what happening at every stage of this process. So, follow the link below to learn more about the ABCloudz app development process.

              With over a decade of application development expertise under our belt, we established the following process that always leads to successful delivery.

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            • Minimum viable product (MVP)

              You need a competitive strategy when you bringing a new mobile application or service to the market. We at ABCloudz recommend starting with a Minimum viable product (MVP).

              This approach allows for assessing your business idea in real life without breaking your bank. What’s even more important is that you obtain a flexible application development process. So, you can have a significant impact on the way your application grows, taking into account the feedback from real users.

              ABCloudz can help you build a plain version of your app within a short period of time and then ship it to the market. And after you get off to a flying start, we can enhance your MVP and build a whole digital ecosystem around it.

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            • Ecosystems (Brian's bakery)

              Digital ecosystems are the future of your business. They help you reach out to your customers in many different ways, using the latest technology trends and techniques. At the same time, your business benefits from your growing community of customers and deeper insights on them. Discover how the ABCloudz experts can quickly build an ecosystem for your customers and learn more about the benefits you will get from our Digital Ecosystems webpage.

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